Connecticut looking into online gambling

Connecticut looking into online gambling

Connecticut recently decided to join the online gambling bandwagon in an attempt to boost in-state revenues, The Stamford Times reports.

Connecticut joined other New England states like Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island that are looking into perks and problems associated with legalizing online gambling in case that it is legalized. However, some lawmakers in the state don't think the decision needs to be rushed into.

"I think we're moving too fast here," House Minority Leader Larry Cafero, told the publication. "Just because it's happening in other parts of the country does not mean we're going to lose revenue. It's not a finite revenue source. We have to be careful not to move too fast because if we get this wrong we could hurt some very vulnerable people."

Although Cafero might not think there is a need to rush regulations should online gaming be legalized, many in surrounding states have proclaimed that they think it is important to be prepared in order to reap the benefits from the get-go.

Do you think it's important for states to prepare for online gambling? Do you think it will even be legalized in the States?

Published on 23 January 2012