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Online SlotsSlotsSlots OnlineI wanted a way to make money online in my spare time. A friend of mine who was a big time poker playing talked me into trying his online “poker Table” At first it was ok but the playing poker online is boring. I never knew if one of the people at the table was a great player like my buddy or even a pro I was often outclassed, and just sitting there waiting for my turn to come around seemed like forever. Who had time for that! I wanted a game that I could play by myself when I wanted to play, during the “in-between” times. When I’m waiting to hear back from an email. Waiting for a report to finish printing. A game that could sit over on a side monitor waiting on me, rather than me was waiting for my turn. AND something that could make me money!

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Then I came across online slots. Ah, slot machine. I had many happy memories as a child growing up in the back woods of KY. My father would take me along with him to the local store in town. He’d put me up on the counter with a pile of nickels and I’d sit there playing while he was on the porch out front taking about crops and the weather. Online slots were perfect. The games take only a few moments and I know a winner as soon as it hits! Playing online is a prefect way for those free moments in the day. I can just play, no “this hand beats this hand” or watching people fold hand after hand. Online slots is quick and easy and all from the comfort of my own computer. And the choices! I can always find slots online for the amount that I want to play. No more of $10 min to join. Playing slots online I can play different numbers of slots as well as themed slots games. There’s slots games based on NASCAR, wrestling, even poker! (Ha! Take that Texas!). I know that I sound like a fan boy but there’s so many to choose from and game play is fast and fun. So play with yourself and give it a try with some of the games. And once you’ve gotten the hang of it and are ready to start making money, you’re find just how quick and easy it is with slots online.