The free online slot is based on El Dorado, the so-called Lost City of Gold. Many explorers have tried to find this place, but it has never been found. This slot gives you the opportunity to find some of it’s hidden treasures!

The video slot has 3 reels and 3 bet lines and some of the symbols all have an El Dorado theme, others are generic symbols that can be found in most video slots on the net. The game features a jackpot, which can only be won if the player is betting the maximum number of coins and money. The game features three separate betting lines, which can be activated by betting the corresponding number of coins. But, unlike other slots, most winning combinations only count on the main bet line and only El Dorado combinations win on the other bet lines. Despite the fact that this slot has few bet lines compared to most other slots, it’s a great slot and a lot of fun to play.