Top 3 New Slot Casino Promotions In March

Top 3 New Slot Casino Promotions In March

The online casinos work hard to keep there bonus structures and tournaments fresh so players won't get bored and leave for greener pastures. This also means they are providing new incentives to try and grow their player base. Here is a quick look at three of the best online slot opportunities this month.

Lucky Red Online Casino

The Lucky Red bonus worth taking note of begins on March 6th and runs for a week. Players will receive 25% of there slot losses as a cash back bonus. This bonus has a payout limit of $5,000.

International Slots League

This affiliation of online casinos is putting together a series of tournaments using a number of popular slot machines. The prize pool is $40,000 and includes Tomb Raider, Ladies Night and Thunderstruck. While you are playing in the tournament, you are still eligible for the progressive jackpots. They haven't released a complete list of participating casinos, so keep your eyes open and drop a comment below when you find one.

888 Online Casino

888 is taking slots to unprecedented heights in March with the help of Ryanair. If you happen to be on a Ryanair flight, you will be able to play in the 888 Online Casino. You won't have full access to 888 as it will be a closed loop system and many of the jackpots will probably be paid out in air miles. Still, this could be the best thing to happen to air flight since Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Published on 20 March 2012