Study: 5 percent of UK workers place a bet during the day

Study: 5 percent of UK workers place a bet during the day

The rise of smartphones and tablet computers has allowed people to have access to the internet at any time, and new research shows that many are taking advantage of this by doing some quick gambling during their downtime at work.

The UK's Roxy Palace, an online gambling site, recently revealed that many workers in the country like to inject a short gaming session into their day. Approximately 5 percent of all workers say they like to place a bet or two while they're at work, primarily through their smartphone or tablet.

While many workplaces block access to gambling sites, mobile devices can circumvent this. They also have popular gambling apps that make it easy to quickly place bets or play slots online.

"We all like to break up our day in different ways, whether it be making a quick cup of coffee, stepping outside for a cigarette, or going for a walk," said a spokesman for the gaming site. "However, it seems an increasing number of workers are now turning to online gambling as a way to inject some excitement into their day."

The research also showed that 89 percent of the workday gamblers were men, with the primetime for placing a bet between 1 and 3 p.m.

Published on 1 March 2012