Online gambling on the rise in Australia

Online gambling on the rise in Australia

With online gambling becoming more acceptable throughout the world, more people are taking part in this recreational activity than ever before, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

A recent study in Australia surveyed more than 6,500 people and asked them questions pertaining to online gambling. The results revealed that more than 50 percent of participants had taken up the hobby over the past six years. More than 16 percent of players also admitted to having a problem with betting - they lost an average of $825 a month on their habits. Another third of those in the study had changed their eating habits to better accommodate their play schedule, the news outlet reports.

The study also found that most online gamblers tend to be men who work full-time or who are students, married or living with a partner. The majority of Australian players were also wealthy and prefer sports betting over poker or other table games.

"Gambling is now seen as something you do while watching sport, as opposed to a separate and adult activity,'' Dr. Sally Gainsbury, a gambling researcher at Southern Cross University.

Do you think online gambling will become no big deal in the future, or do you think more players will get out of control with the freedom it comes with?

Published on 17 January 2012