Iowa legislator pushes for online gambling legalization

Iowa legislator pushes for online gambling legalization

A few years ago, the United States government cracked down on online gambling, but the parameters for what is acceptable versus what is illegal are still blurry. Gambling enthusiasts in Iowa might soon be able to play slots and other online poker games. Legislators are making a push to more clearly define regulations for casinos to offer online games to their customers.

The Gazette reports that illegal online gambling is taking place in Iowa, but if they legalize online poker, slots and other games, it could generate between $3 and $13 million per year in tax revenue for the state.

"We basically right now have a do-nothing policy by default," said Iowa Senate State Government committee chairman Jeff Danielson. "It';s legitimate, if you talk to a lot of poker players, when they say to you, 'I don't know whether it was legal or not legal' because the federal government had this patchwork quilt of laws."

In the next few months, Danielson is planning to present legislation that would give the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission the ability to create guidelines for state-licensed casinos to get involved in online gambling, the news source reports. Danielson claims that not allowing casinos to take advantage of online gambling is costing the state jobs and economic opportunities as well as revenue.

Published on 1 February 2012