In New Zealand, poker is out, online gambling is in

In New Zealand, poker is out, online gambling is in

People in Northland, New Zealand, used to enjoy playing poker, however the game's popularity has gone down recently with online gambling increasing instead, the Northern Advocate reports.

The use of poker machines dropped by $8 million in 2011, which is almost a quarter less than what poker was raking in in 2010, according to the news source. However, officials don't see this decline in gaming as a positive. Many believe residents have ditched poker games for online gambling such as online slot machines and table games that they are able to take part in while hanging out around the house.

"People are getting a bit bored [with gaming machines]," Diane Matthews, a Problem Gambling Foundation counselor told the publication. "Internet gambling is way more accessible, but the sad thing about that is all money goes overseas."

Matthews believes more regulations need to be put in place to protect players and keep addicts off of the sites altogether. She also told the publication that more should be done to keep money spent on games in the country, to increase revenues stateside rather than give other nations their hard earned cash.

Do you think New Zealand needs laws to keep money within the nation? Would that promote more gamblers or just help people of the country?

Published on 31 January 2012